Are Indie Authors Devaluing Books?

October 28, 2012

Are indie authors devaluing ebooks?A growing trend seen with indie authors is to publish cheaper, poorly edited books. The growing number of self-published titles makes authors more desperate to publish more books faster and grab their share of the marketplace.

Part of the problem is the unrealistic expectations of authors. People have heard about authors making millions seemly overnight by self-publishing. No one talks about the fact that the average amount is around $10,000 a year.

Still, well-written books will always find an audience. There are mid-range (not necessarily mid-list) authors are making a decent income from self-publishing.

Melissa Foster shares solid advice for authors who are considering self-publishing or already have books in the marketplace in an article at Self Publishing Advice.

Have your writing or sales been impacted by this trend? Leave your thoughts below.







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