Are You Using Video To Promote Your Writing?

June 29, 2015

using video

You know you need to. You might even want to. But are your using video to promote your writing?

You may think that videos require a lot of knowledge, equipment, and talent. Or maybe you just don’t want to appear on camera.

I understand that. Once I felt that way too. So…I’ve decided to offer a free, 30 day video challenge to help you conquer your fears of video, learn just what equipment you need (and might have right now), and find out many ways to use all types of videos to connect with your audience.

Join me and others to take part in the challenge. Conquer video once and for all. If you already create videos, come over and share tips and techniques.

The interactions will take place on a Facebook page.

To get started,

  • Like the Facebook Page
  • Leave a comment and share our biggest video challenge
  • If you have done videos, share your best tip for how you are using videos

Come on over and join me. What do you have to lose?





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