Have You Seen The Author Earnings Report

February 25, 2014

Author earnings report

It’s no secret that the publishing world is changing. It’s also no secret that the traditional publishers have always kept book earnings a closely guarded secret. Even to find the earnings of your own books, you’d have to take study the complicated royalty statements. If something didn’t look right, you’d have to finance your own audit.

Self-publishing makes it possible to know your own earning figures. However, it’s difficult to see how self-published books are earning compared with the traditional publishing companies. Even Amazon and Barnes and Noble don’t completely share their distribution figures of all books.

Authors are starting to share their own figures. Therefore, it’s possible to put together some data. One author has compiled this one figures as well as those from other author and has put together this anĀ author earnings report. Check it out here.

The figures are very interesting to say the least. Take a look at the survey and share your thoughts. Was the results what you expected. Share your thoughts on this very interesting author earnings report.




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