Conquer Your Overwhelm While Having Fun

April 23, 2015



Writing, editing, and publishing can cause you to sink deep in the quicksand of overwhelm. Overwhelm is even worse when you are doing all three at the same time (which is usually the case).

Now there’s help. Eat The Elephant: Overcoming Overwhelm just released. It provides practical solutions through actionable steps and humorous stories and insights.

During the launch, sign up for the bonuses at then join us over at the Facebook group for the launch party.

The author, Karolyn Vreeland Blume, knows what stress and overwhelm is all about. She developed these tools for her own use and uses them on a daily basis. Being a  trial lawyer and mediator taught her to be an expert problem-solver and a gifted strategist. She’s served as an adjunct faculty member at Penn State University (which I might forgive, even though they beat my Oregon Ducks in the Rose Bowl several years back). She’s a founding member of Mediators Beyond Borders International.


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