Does Your Cover Work For Kindle?

September 10, 2012

does your cover work for Kindle

As much as authors hate to admit, covers are a very important part of catching the attention the attention of the readers. However, there is a big difference in a good print cover and a good ebook cover. No matter if you do your cover yourself or if you hire a designer, there’s one big question you have to answer before you publish — does your cover work for Kindle?

Kindle thumbnails (what the browsing reader sees) is very small. You want an image that catches the eye. You also want your title and your name to show up clearly.

This article addresses the points you need to make your cover  work for Kindle.


But how do you know if you have a good cover?


It’s not about the image you choose or even the designer, it’s about understanding how Amazon displays your book cover. Whether you are using a Pro or DIYing it, you must understand these critical points to create a book cover that sells.


Leave a comment and share which ebook covers you really love.


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