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January 14, 2015

expand your visibility

Lately I’ve heard a lot of people complaining that it’s hard to get seen on the Internet. They are saying that with so much noise out there it’s hard to stand out. It’s true that a huge amount of information is posted online every day. If not handled properly, you can get bogged down in data overload. However, you can turn this information flood to your advantage and expand your visibility and authority.

As news breaks, you can present it to your audience in a clear, concise manner. When you are the one making sense of events as they relate to your niche, you increase your credibility and authority.

People complain that the recent Facebook changes have decreased the number of people who see your posts.  Facebook is trying to provide the best, most important information to their users. One way they do this is by giving priority to the posts that reference topics that are trending. Use trending hashtags on all social sites to increase your authority and visibility.

If you struggle with wading through all the news and information online, think how your audience feels. You can become a hero to your community by taking the best of the news and consolidating and condensing the information into a central, reliable format.

Once you have the information, publish it so your readers will see it.

  • Create a blog post adding your own interpretation of the news
  • Syndicate the post to social networking sites
  • Add the post to your newsletter or send an email to your subscribers
  • Create a video

This might sound good, but it still leaves you with the task of sorting through the information yourself. You struggle to keep up in your field, but it feels like a full-time task. No, you don’t have to hire an assistant to enable you to keep up.

Google has a great tool to alert you to new developments in your field. This tool is Google Alerts. Set up an alert for important phrases in your business. While you’re at it, set up alerts for your own name, the title of your books, and other industry keywords.

To set up your alerts, click here.

1. Type your search terms into the box. Use quote marks (“) if you use more than one word to filter out non-relevant results. If you don’t, you’ll receive an alert about any item with both words anywhere in the article.

Expand your visibility

2. Google will show you a sampling of articles from the news and from the web.



3.  Customize your settings.

1. Choose the frequency of notifications — you can choose “as it happens”

2. Choose your source — you can specify news or other sources including videos, book, and blogs. Or you can let Google choose.

3. Choose your location

4. Choose where your want the notification delivered — an email address or RSS feed (more about that below)

4. Save your alert


expand your visibility


You can send your alert to your email inbox or choose the RSS option to send it to a news reader. Feedly is a great one to use now that Google has removed their own reader.

Choose the method that is the most simple for you. The important thing is to find the information and pass it on to your readers.

Use Google alerts and your own website to expand your visibility and increase your authority.


Put this method into action! Come back and leave a comment telling me how well it worked!



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One Response to Expand Your Visibility: Hijack The News

  1. Kathleen gage
    on January 14, 2015 at 2:29 pm

    Outstanding insights into getting the most out of what is trending. I love the idea of the google alerts. That way, the news comes to us in a way that we can really optimize it.
    Kathleen gage recently posted..7 Common Ways People Sabotage Their SuccessMy Profile

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