How Much Does It Cost To Publish An Ebook?

September 25, 2012

How much does it cost to edit an ebookHow much does it cost to publish an ebook, really? Here’s a video from a woman who published her ebook on Kindle for free. She says that she thinks publishers can publish ebooks very cheaply.

Is that really true?

I agree that if the publisher has already published the print book, the cost of creating an ebook is greatly reduced. However, there are still costs. Since virtually all manuscripts are now digital, even for print books, that cost is eliminated.

However, there is still a cost for formatting. Readers are much more forgiving of indie authors who have badly formatted books. The big publishers don’t have that same leeway. Readers still have a problem with badly formatted self-published books. So don’t scrimp on the time spent on formatting.

The cover will most likely need to be adjusted for digital books. The highly detailed covers that beckon from bookshelves look scrunched and muddy as a thumbnail on a webpage.

If the book first appeared in print, then the editing has been done (we hope). This expense was incurred by the publisher. True, it doesn’t need to be re-edited to be uploaded as an ebook. However, editing is a cost you can’t afford to ignore.

Publishing an ebook that started as a print book is cost effective for both indie publishers and traditional publishers. Pricing the ebook the same or slightly lower than the print book may make a profit, but it does tend to anger readers.

A better approach would be to offer a package deal with both the print and the digital copies. Some readers really like to have a physical copy of the book as well as the digital.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Do you want the physical copy as well as the digital? Do you agree with the video? How do you feel about pricing ebooks?

If you’ve self-published, comment and tell me how much it cost you to publish an ebook.





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