Is Amazon The Best Place To Sell Books?

October 10, 2013

The best place to sell booksMost authors believe that Amazon is the best place to sell books. Is that really true? Until now the only information authors have had about the percent of marketshare of ebook sales by the book distribution channels have come from those channels themselves.

It’s important for self-publishing authors to know actual sales percentages and not trust the self-reported figures.

Sellbox has conducted their 2013 eBook Self-Publisher Survey and reported the results at the Publishers & Writers of San Diego meeting on September 28th.  These results contradict the self-reported results.

Amazon is indeed the 800 pound gorilla of the publishing world.

Be sure and look at the slides of the answers. There are a lot of good information there. You’ll find more helpful information in addition to finding the best place to sell books.

Write on!

Lynn Jordan






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