Lulu Discontinues Support For DRM (Digital Rights Management)

February 4, 2013

Lulu discountinuessupport for  DRM (Digital Rights Management)Lulu has long been a favorite publishing company for self-publishing authors. One of the problems with using that company has been their insistence on using DRM.  Authors will be applauding this month’s announcement that Lulu discontinues support for DRM (Digital Rights Management).

A notice on the website states…

For readers who download eBooks directly from to the device of their choice, removing DRM on EPUBs and PDFs will remove their need to create an Adobe account, authorize the purchase in Digital Editions or install a third-party application. This creates possibilities for the growing number of readers who want to shop, purchase and download books to their eReaders from sites other than large corporate providers. And we see that as a step towards helping authors reach the broadest audience possible.


This move will make it easier for readers to manage their electronic book purchases. This move may expand readership to those who have stayed away from electronic publications because of the difficulty in accessing them.

If you are an author who has published with Lulu and has DRM-protected content available, you will receive an email with more information and instructions.

Click here to see the announcement and information on the Lulu website.



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