Before Publishing Your Work, Are You Taking This Necessary Step ?

July 16, 2012

Editing is necessary for publishing your workMake sure, before publishing your work, you take the necessary step of getting an independent editor. One of the earliest criticisms of self published work was that the quality didn’t stand up to commercially published books. Sure, there were poorly edited books released by traditional publishers. However, the problem appeared much more frequently in self published books.

As indie publishing matured, the quality of self published books increased. The siren call of Kindle and other ebook publishers lures many into a rush to publish. As the story of successful indie publishers spreads, folks are eager to jump on the self publishing bandwagon. In the past, first manuscripts use to languish in drawers and under beds. Now, many are rushing to publish without taking the proper steps to make sure their work is polished.

We can’t catch all the problems with out own work. We need the  fresh eyes of another editor.

A recent Forbes article addresses this problem. The article lets the reader eavesdrop on a Twitter

chat about this with crime writer Steve Mosby and urban fantasy author Lo Morgan on Twitter after Lou discovered an old manuscript

Check it out, then leave a comment with your promise to use an independent editor before you publish your next book.







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