A New Kind Of Bestseller List Or Is It?

September 10, 2012

new bestseller listThere’s a new kind of bestseller list.The claim is that this list is more accurate.  Actually, it isn’t really about the number of books sold, but rather the revenue generated by a book. This list favors the big 6 publishers and penalizes small presses and self publishers.

A best selling book has always been a book that  sells more copies than most other books. There are several lists of top books. The New York Times bestsellers list probably pops into every writer’s mind when the term bestseller is mentioned. It’s one that most authors aspire to.

Now there is a new list that is based on income produced by a book rather than copies sold. It definitely favors the big publishers with their expensive volumes.

Would you can this a “bestseller” list or would you call it something else? Check out this article and leave a comment telling me what you think about this method of measuring a book’s success.


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